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Servant of the Serpent

Allie was meant for something more.

The world of Kroth is full of amazing people. Men and women that did miraculous deeds. Kings and queens and knights and wizards. Allie wanted to meet some of them. Allie wanted to learn what it was like to make a difference and to escape the hot and dusty life on the edge of the desert.

Yet dark forces are moving in the shadows and trying to reclaim what was lost. A secret prophecy guides them on their quest for blood and fire. The path of the scaled splisskin people cross with Allie's, proving that the cost of her dreams might be more than she can bear.

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Rise of the Serpent

Allie has escaped the clutches of the dragon worshipping cult, but she knows they're one step behind, lurking in the shadows. They hunt for her and her friends, seeking to find the answer to their prophecy.

In the heart of the Empire of Shazamir she finds an unexpected ally. A wanderer from the north, heavy with a quest of his own, joins forces with them and tells them of the path of a true hero. It is a path that stop them from running and sends them back, into the very treacherous fangs of the serpent they'd already lost so much to.

The snake-men seek a half-blood as a key to their reign of blood and terror. Allie and her friends must race to find the prophesied one first and then, if they can, destroy the plans of the snake-men before they begin.

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